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Cause + Christi Winter Lodge Mountain Retreat in Altspace VR

The Winter Lodge

Brrrr! It sure is COLD out there! Come park your parka by the door, grab a hot drink from the bar, and cozy up in front of our double sided fireplace for a nice chat with friends.

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Cause + Christi at the Hug Deli - Burning Man

Burning Man 2022

Cause + Christi out in the wild… We went to “that thing in the desert”!

It was only a couple of weeks before thousands would gather to co-create the physical Black Rock City, when we got the call: “so we have this new project and we need a hand… can you make it to Burning Man this year?”

Before we knew it, we were on a plane headed west.

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Featured on PBS: Hip Hop Cypher

We worked with producer Adrian Driscoll and his team at Collimation to create and launch a holographic Hip Hop Cypher in virtual reality. Set in a dark, rat-infested underground NY subway station, each performer was beamed onto our stage as a full-body projection. Original photography by artist Young Guru was featured throughout the space.

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The Foremothers Café

Here is a world right out of author Helen Lundström Erwin’s Historic Novel: Sour Milk in Sheep’s Wool. We worked with Helen to recreate this café depicted in her novel, which serves as her main characters’ meeting space during the women’s suffrage movement. Now she can host readings of her own book inside of a setting from the book itself. Talk about “meta!”

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Cyber Falcon Stage

Soaring above the color-shifting laser-lined landscape of the metaverse, this semi-sentient automaton glides ever toward the famed Simulation City. A clever stage and seating area adorn it’s back, comfortably housing an audience to bear witness to the weekly worldcast taking place there known as Simulation Nation.

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UN ActNow VR: Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

On Sunday, February 20th we debuted our second world in the ActNowVR series: the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (formerly known as Ayers Rock) in Australia, to celebrate the UN’s World Day of Social Justice & International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032) in support of the UN International Labour Organization (UN ILO).

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UN Act Now VR: Al Wasl Dome in Dubai

On January 24th, the Act Now Live VR Experience launched its first monthly Global VR event inside one of our very own hand-crafted VR worlds! Working with UNESCO, the Act Now VR series supports the United Nations’ campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability.

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The Sky Temple

Christi designed, modeled, textured and animated every element in this elevated Zen space from scratch in an effort to show off her own architectural flavor and to offer a paradise in the clouds. Hop in to zen out!

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Project: The WebXR Design Summit

The 2021 WebXR Design Summit

The WebXR Design Summit introduces applications of spatial computing to interactive storytelling and the user design experience. The world’s WebXR experts, 3D designers, and marketers share design principles and best practices for immersive technologies. In order to reap the benefits of WebXR, professionals need to know how to create content for the medium, and the Design Summit shows the way. 

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Project: The Donna Summer Sunrise Party

Donna Summer’s Sunrise Party

A hallowed tradition among the Burning Man community is the inevitable “Sunrise Party” generally on the Sunday morning following burn night as everyone comes floating back down to earth. For the second year of BRCvr I decided to focus on creating more of an “experience” so I designed a little digital psychedelic edible!

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BRCvr Eco Zone

The Burning Man Project has been dedicated to sustainability year round. For 2021, BRCvr hosted “Zones” in which participants could hang out and find portals to additional camps / worlds. Christi created the BRCvr Eco Zone, where participants could find like-minded eco-friendly friends and explore eco-friendly camps.

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Project: XR Social Club in AltspaceVR

XR Social Club in AltspaceVR

XR Social Club is a collective of XR enthusiasts who meet weekly in VR. Until recently, they have met exclusively in VR Chat, but in honor of their 2 year anniversary, Christi has helped them bring a home base into AltspaceVR. The group now alternates their meet-ups each week between VR Chat and AltspaceVR.

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Educators in VR Medical & Healthcare Gallery

Educators in VR: Medical & Healthcare

The Educators in VR Medical and Healthcare Team members are exploring the potential for access, training, and education of VR and AR in health tech, telemedicine, medical and health wearables, and how immersive technologies are being used in the medical and healthcare industry.

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Golden Apple Comics Virtual Reality Store

Golden Apple VR

When Golden Apple Comics wanted to host a WonderCon event in virtual reality, they hired Big Rock Creative to produce it, who in turn hired us to custom build a 3D digital twin of Golden Apple Comics in LA (along with some added VR magic!)

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The Polys WebXR Awards 2021

The “Polys” WebXR Awards, created by Ben Erwin from Powersimple, honors the pioneers of WebXR, showcasing the importance of this growing technology to provide ubiquitous access to immersive content directly through the connected public web. The WebXR Awards aims to celebrate creators and shine light on this up and coming medium for delivering and experiencing fully immersive content.

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Baba Yaga’s Forbidden Forest

We worked with 6-time Emmy Award winning animation studio Baobab Studios to build a custom, social VR World for the red carpet premiere of Baba Yaga – their newest virtual reality interactive movie.

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Solar Fight Night - VR Edition

Solar Fight Night – VR Edition!

On December 21 2020, representatives from the solar industry came together to network, share innovative ideas and celebrate the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, all within virtual reality! High above the earth in a fully custom steam-punk solar-powered sky base, built by us of course! 

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YOUNGA by BridgingTheGap Ventures, Featuring Pitbull

YOUNGA by BridgingTheGap Ventures: VR Party Featuring Pitbull

We created an afterparty in space for the UN Sponsored YOUNGA BridgingTheGap virtual event!

YOUNGA’s BridgingTheGap connects youth with entrepreneurs and world leaders in order to inspire changemakers and designers for the future. YOUNGA held a series of webinars / online events and then came to us to create a 3D world for their VR afterparty in AltspaceVR, featuring Pitbull.

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BRCvr Burning Saucer

A smoldering, flaming, glowing, booming visual extravaganza floating just above the Playa. A great mix is always playing, sometimes even live, and best of all FREE entry and FREE drinks!! Or you know, whatever’s in your fridge…

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BRCvr Hug Deli

BRCvr Hug Deli

Cause recreated the Hug Deli, a staple installation at the annual Burning Man that invites participates to engage with another through the exchange of compliments and hugs.

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BRCvr Merry Mad Tea Party

Merry Mad Tea Party is a real-world Burning Man camp that participates in regional burns throughout the year. When COVID prevented this in 2020, Christi helped the camp find a home in BRCvr.

The BRCvr Merry Mad Tea Party in VR offers a warm ambience as burners chat over a cup of tea and enjoy beautiful art together.

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