Solar Fight Night – VR Edition!

Solar Fight Night - VR Edition

Solar Fight Night – VR Edition!

On December 21 2020, representatives from the solar industry came together to network, share innovative ideas and celebrate the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, all within virtual reality! High above the earth in a fully custom steam-punk solar-powered sky base, built by us of course! 

Solar Fight Night was accessible via VR headset, PC or Mac. Sponsors and guests included our client: Solar Fight Club; this year’s non-profit beneficiary: The Solar Foundation; sponsors: Novus clean energy, Suncast Media, and the Peck Company; and many others from the solar industry.

Guests first spawn on the Step and Repeat platform, where they can take pictures with the 3D logos of the event’s beneficiaries and sponsors.

The Solar Gods Club features images of Solar deities through history and cultures.

The Airship features photos from past Solar Fight Night events, with a robot captain at the helm enjoying the view of Saturn and Jupiter.

This 3D VR world is a custom Cause & Christi build, created in Blender / Unity. Our producer is Leila Amirsadeghi (Mesh), and the world/event was created under the direction of Daniel Dus (Solar Fight Club) and Ben Erwin (Powersimple), who met with this us in VR to provide iterative feedback throughout the build process. The world is hosted for free on AltspaceVR.

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