What We Do

We are a duo of immersive storytellers in the business of making dreams come true by designing bespoke 3D worlds tailored to your desires and optimized for high performance on mobile virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Quest. From stages hidden deep in the forest to floating steampunk cities in the clouds, to neon dance clubs in the middle of space… no matter where you want to go we can help get you there! You can participate in an award show, hold a conference, teach a class, run a festival, throw parties in a club, the possibilities are endless! VR is the newest way to bring entertainment to the world and we would love to work with you to bring your own ideas to life and bring your guests one heck of a good time with great memories to share!

Working Together

As a partnership in both life and business we have found that by working together our skills are not only complimented by one another’s which allows us to create a very well-rounded experience, but we continuously bounce and refine ideas and teach each other new techniques every day! Why go with a single designer when you can have two? Seems obvious.

Why Choose Us?

Frankly we’re obsessed with producing the finest quality products and will probably spend many sleepless nights combing over every tiny detail of your world until there’s not a pixel out of place! Your events will run at peak framerates and your guests will only remember the good times, the amazing sights, and the meaningful connections.

Who We Are

Cause and Christi AltspaceVR Avatars
Austin "Cause" Caine, Co-Creator

Austin Caine (Cause)

Commercial Photographer; Short Film Maker;
3D Modeler; Graphic Designer; Application Developer; Audio Engineer; Producer; Musician; Puppeteer; Voice Artist;

Christi Fenison, Co-Creator

Christi Fenison

Background: Immersive storyteller: 3D modeling & environment design in Maya, Blender and Unity; ArcGIS / mapping data to terrain; traditional and interactive 360 videography; web-design.
Environment and Science Communication Dual Degree:
MA in Mass / Strategic Communication, focused on Emerging Technologies for communication needs.
BA in Environmental Studies, focused on GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) for data insights, sustainable city planning, and designing future environments that create social capital.