Help Us Get to SXSW 2024: Vote for Christi’s Panel!

Help Us Get to SXSW 2024: Vote for Christi's PanelPicker: "The Future of Spatial Interaction and Storytelling!"

Help Us Get to SXSW 2024: Vote for Christi’s Panel!

Dear Cause + Christi Community, we are thrilled to share some exciting news! Our Co-Founder, Christi, has a fantastic opportunity to be part of a captivating panel discussion at the renowned SXSW 2024 conference. (Vote for it here!).

Christi and her distinguished co-panelists have put together an insightful panel titled “The Future of Spatial Interaction and Storytelling.” This panel seeks to explore the art and science of designing interactive spatial experiences. Christi, together with her fellow experts, will delve into the best practices, impacts, and insights for crafting interactive + immersive narratives that invite guests into transformative stories using spatial technologies. Their discussion promises to enlighten attendees on how to captivate and engage audiences.

Now, here’s where we need your help. By casting your vote, you can show your support for Christi and the panel, and help contribute to the wider conversation around interactive + immersive storytelling.

How you can help

  1. Visit the SXSW PanelPicker page for our panel proposal: [The Future of Spatial Interaction and Storytelling].
  2. Sign in or create a free account on the SXSW website.
  3. Click the “Vote Up” button on our panel’s page.
  4. Share the link with your friends, family, and colleagues and encourage them to vote too.

We appreciate every vote, and your support means the world to us as we strive to speak to our innovative projects and contribute to the dialogue on designing immersive XR experiences.


As many of you know, Christi has been a maven in immersive storytelling. Her innovative use of spatial technologies, cognitive learning principles, and design expertise has led to the creation of thought-provoking experiences. Christi’s journey into this field has been shaped by both personal and professional influences. Her early struggles with chronic pain, isolation, and accessibility challenges inspired her to investigate the potential of VR for creating connections and providing solace. These experiences have fueled her passion for creating immersive worlds that promote understanding, connection, and community growth. Christi has pioneered immersive simulations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and as part of Cause + Christi, has co-created immersive worlds for major VR events & experiences.

SXSW Co-Panelists

Joining Christi on the panel are three esteemed innovators in the XR field: Robin Moulder, Dana Ware, and Gregg Katano. They bring a wealth of expertise in immersive game development, spatial artistry, hyper-reality storytelling, and emerging media strategy. Together, they intend to explore the confluence of XR technology, storytelling, and human connection. Their collective insights promise to shed light on the creative process, showcase their successes and challenges, and reveal the elements that make an immersive experience truly memorable.

Thank you so much!

Your vote can make a world of difference. Help Christi and her fellow panelists share their insights at SXSW, and let’s continue pushing the boundaries of immersive storytelling.

Thank you for being a part of the Cause + Christi family, and for helping us continue to create immersive worlds that connect, inspire, and transform.

Warmest regards,

Cause + Christi

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