MetaCenterOrlando Virtual World Launch for MetaCenter Global Week!

MetaCenterOrlando Virtual World Launch for MetaCenter Global Week!

We are excited to see you in person AND virtually for MetaCenter Global Week

  1. If you’re in Orlando this week, say hi!
    Christi will be on the panel Human Connection intersection of Art and Technology with fellow panelists Philip Noyed (Neo Art Space) and Eric Gunther (SOSO), moderated by Scarlett Arana (BitBasel) — Tuesday at 11:45 am EST, located at Tier #3, Discover Stage – South Atrium.
  2. Whether you’re physically in Orlando or not, you’re invited to join us virtually in our latest collaboration: MetaCenterOrlando’s Neon Aqua Theater! (Info Below):

OFFICIAL INVITE: Join us on October 17 & 18 from 3pm to 5pm (EST Daily) for the debut of the MetaCenterOrlando’s NEON: Aqua Theater inside VIVERSE, presented by MetaCities in collaboration with MetaCenter Global Week, Immerse Global Summit, Synapse, BitBasel, Innovate Orlando, VRARA, MetaCenter Orlando, built by Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design.

Virtual VIP Guests will enjoy complimentary live music from DJ Celeste, with special guest appearances, fireside chats, and networking events available to view on all devices with a browser including mobile phones, tablets, PC’s, and most virtual reality headsets. There is no APP to download. Guests can simply login with your email to create an avatar and enter the event in just a few clicks. 

Be sure to take a selfie and post it to social media using hashtag #MetaCenterOrlando !


Official Press Release:



MetaCenter™ Global Week will take place October 16-19

at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, FL 

ORLANDO, Fla. (October 13th, 2023) –  MetaCities, an award-winning metaverse company based in the United States, will debut the “MetaCenterOrlando Neon Aqua Theater” virtual world event venue inside HTC VIVERSE during MetaCenter Global Week, which will take place October 16-19 at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida.

MetaCities is building the world’s first open source connected network of geocentric metaverse experiences, where your custom avatar can live, work, learn, and play, inside of an ever-expanding fifty city event-based ecosystem designed to enable a more sustainable future focused on equity, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and accessibility.  

“MetaCities is honored to be collaborating with HTC VIVERSE, and the team at Innovate Orlando, to bring our first-class hybrid metaverse experiences to life during MetaCenter Global Week,” stated MetaCities’ Co-Founder, Christopher Crescitelli. “With Orlando as the leading region in the United States building the foundation of the metaverse, it’s the perfect flagship MetaCity for us to debut our products. We are so excited to begin collaborating with local businesses in the MetaCenterOrlando area to turn all of their metaverse dreams into virtual reality.” 

MetaCities will host two virtual world launch party events that will take place during MetaCenter Global Week in Orlando with hybrid metaverse event activations being held on October 17-18 from 3pm to 5pm EST (daily). The events are presented in collaboration with Innovate Orlando, Immerse Global Summit, Synapse, BitBasel, Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design, and HTC VIVERSE.

Registered guests of the MetaCenter Global Week event in Orlando will get a chance to experience the MetaCenterOrlando Neon Aqua Theater. This will be on display during the event at multiple demo areas inside the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, powered by the HTC VIVE XR Elite, a powerful, compact, and versatile all-in-one headset combined with mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR).

Virtual event attendees from around the world are invited to RSVP to enjoy complimentary VIP admission to the virtual world events that will feature live music performed by DJ Celeste, XR networking events, fireside chat sessions, and special guest appearances.

With platform and hardware agnostic virtual worlds, custom avatars, hybrid events, hologram performances, and digital twin replicas of some of the planet’s most famous zip code 

destinations, MetaCities and its partners are poised to lead mass adoption toward a free and open metaverse for everyone. Powered by HTC VIVERSE, MetaCities provides unrivaled privacy controls and security standards for its users who can choose their level of immersion when accessing the platform on any device, including MAC, PC, tablet PC, mobile devices, and most virtual reality headsets. 

“VIVERSE is thrilled to collaborate with MetaCities in bringing MetaCenter Orlando to life. This partnership marks a significant stride towards a sustainable and immersive future,” stated VIVERSE’s General Manager, Joseph Lin. “With VIVERSE’s exclusive Polygon Streaming technology, which provides high-fidelity 3D visualization, along with the platform’s cross-device access fortified with enterprise-level security and seamless integration, we are excited to assist our industry partners in creating interactive 3D digital twins accessible to all.”

MetaCities and the MetaCenterOrlando project in collaboration with HTC VIVERSE and Innovate Orlando, plan to revolutionize the way Orlando can be experienced online, from visiting tourist attractions to attending concerts, festivals, conventions, and other location-based events. 

By embracing these technologies, local businesses and event venues in Orlando can generate additional revenue by offering exclusive metaverse only products, offers, services, or virtual show tickets to a much broader global audience. Schools and universities will be able to host online classes and seminars inside their own virtual worlds equipped with hologram teachers and in-world projection screens that can live stream from any classroom in the world. The possibilities for MetaCenterOrlando are limitless.


Tickets for the MetaCenter Global Week on October 16 to 19 can be purchased at:


Virtual attendees can RSVP for complimentary VIP access to the MetaCenterOrlando Neon Aqua Theater Virtual World Launch Party on October 17 & 18 from 3pm to 5pm EST. Please Note: This RSVP does not grant admission to the MetaCenter Global Week events at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. Click here to RSVP for Complimentary Virtual VIP access to the virtual event. RSVP covers both days of online programming. 


About MetaCities

MetaCities is a US based start-up company which was founded by tech pioneers Chris Crescitelli and Tricia Costello in 2020. The company has produced multiple top performing hybridmetaverse events for the United Nations, InterPride, Revry, McDonalds, Bud Light Seltzer, and other fortune 500 companies. In 2021/2022, MetaCities was the recipient of the Cox Business Big Idea Grant, and winner of ASCAP’s  “Music in the Metaverse Challenge” in collaboration with New York City Media Lab. The company is also a recent graduate of the UNLV Office of Economic Development led Entrepreneurial Incubation Program for Innovators. The team at MetaCities are currently working in beta mode behind the scenes with global governments and municipalities in order to establish the world’s largest network of connected cross platform metaverse experiences which will become accessible through MetaCities’ new online portal for all things metaverse. Stay up to date on our upcoming launch announcements on our website at For investor relations or to meet with our team about bringing your metaverse goals to life please contact

About HTC
HTC VIVE is the premier virtual reality (VR) platform and ecosystem that creates true-to-life VR experiences for businesses and consumers. The VIVE ecosystem is built around premium VR hardware, software, and content. The VIVE business encompasses best-in-class XR hardware; VIVEPORT platform and app store; VIVE Enterprise Solutions for business customers; VIVE X, a US$100M VR business accelerator; and VIVE ARTS for cultural initiatives. For more information, please visit


VIVERSE is an open and user-centric 3D place that connects people from all walks of life to a boundless virtual world. We strive to empower as many people as possible to explore, work, and play in a safe environment. Every experience is unique, and your transactions and data are secure. VIVERSE provides an array of tools and services for individuals, creators, corporations, and developers to build and explore in this immersive space. Visit the VIVERSE website here: 

About Cause + Christi

Cause + Christi: Immersive XR Design is a premier virtual and augmented reality production studio, based in North Carolina, specializing in original VR and WebXR experiences tailored for live events across an array of spatial computing platforms. Austin “Cause” Caine and Christi Fenison both take pride in designing and building each bespoke experience, ensuring unmatched quality and unique craftsmanship. Distinguished not only for roles in developing award-winning projects and media spotlights, their diverse portfolio spans red carpet premieres, live holographic entertainment, narrative-driven gaming, inclusive social hubs, evocative digital twins, and much more. With expertise in everything from 3D modeling and virtual world building to mobile optimization and VR platform development, Cause + Christi sets a high standard for the future of innovative immersive experiences. Visit their official website at to keep up with the latest updates.


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