The Final Moment of AltspaceVR

The Final Message from AltspaceVR

The Final Moment of AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR is now gone. It is no more. It ceases to be. Monty Python references aside, we both decided to attend the final moments of the platform, as apparently did many others. In fact, we had not seen that many friends and connections logged on simultaneously since the heyday of the first BRCvr during a time when everyone was essentially locked down and could ONLY be online. A true testament to the love and devotion we all had to our favorite VR platform.

The servers were set to shut down at exactly 1pm ET so we gathered and waited to see exactly what would happen. As the final moment approached, the anticipation grew… and the countdown began. 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0… -1… -2… -3… wait a minute… we were all still here? News began to spread that new users could no longer log on. We were essentially the last survivors of a sinking ship, the band that played valiantly until the very end.

For just over five minutes we all reveled in this realization, wondering exactly when the true ending would come, and did our best to enjoy these extra precious moments together. Around 1:07pm ET everyone’s conversations were abruptly cut short as the world froze around us in a Matrix-like fashion. Reports later indicate this was the same experience for everyone. Not long after an official message from the AltspaceVR team popped up, and that was that.

We will miss you Altspace. There may never be another platform like you. Free, accessible, professional, and with a heart and soul which made connecting with others so much easier. Above all it was the community that made this place so special and we are saddened that such a wonderful crowd is now scattered to the winds. And with that, our journey now continues…

To all of our AltspaceVR community friends: thank you for making memories with us!

These moments are at the heart of why we design immersive experiences; we carry these memories forward into the physical world and into future endeavors. We hope to see you there!