Tech Celebs Cleo Abram & MKBHD Beam Into Our 3D World for a Volumetric Collaboration!

Tech Celebs Cleo Abram & MKBHD Beam Into Our 3D World for a Volumetric Collaboration!

Acclaimed tech YouTubers, Cleo Abram (@CleoAbram) and Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD), recently embarked on a unique volumetric journey together, teleporting into one of our bespoke 3D worlds!

Cleo Abram is a video journalist specializing in tech explainers and hosts the series Huge If True.
Tech guru Cleo Abram hosts the insightful series, Huge If True, where she unpacks tech complexities.
Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD creates quality tech videos & hosts the podcast Waveform.
Renowned for his polished tech review videos and engaging podcast Waveform, Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. MKBHD, explores the digital frontier.

Leveraging Scatter’s Depthkit and volumetric capture stage during their visit to Zerospace, we helped engineer their innovative digital adventure featured in Cleo’s “Huge If True” YouTube series. The episode, “The Future of Movies, explained with MKBHD,” is a testament to the possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and creativity.

A Volumetric Reunion: Teaming Up with Scatter’s Depthkit

Preparing for Cleo & Marques’ insightful visit to the XR studio Zerospace (Brooklyn, NY), James George & Cory Allen of Scatter reached out to us to propose a renewed collaboration. Scatter’s Depthkit Unity integration enables volumetric video captured on their stage to stream directly into our custom-built 3D environments. Following an exceptional collaboration earlier this year on the groundbreaking live broadcast of the Poly’s WebXR Awards Show, we were enthusiastic to dive into another project with them.

A Holodeck Experience: Melding Volumetric Video & Unity 3D

Conceived from their intriguing notion of visually merging volumetric video with StarTrek’s iconic Holodeck technology, we set out to create an awe-inspiring digital adventure. We therefore crafted a StarTrek-inspired hallway and virtual holodeck as the entry point for Cleo and Marques to begin their journey, coupled with a series of inventive techniques to accentuate their virtual voyage from there. 

Once the hologram simulation commenced, the holodeck morphed into our magical forest environment, resplendent with giant mushrooms and towering ferns. Using Cinemachine’s virtual camera techniques and “beam me up” particle effects, our simulation teleported Cleo and Marques through this mystical environment, featuring encounters with a human-sized frog, a mesmerizing fire pit, and culminating at a breathtaking vantage point atop a floating log in our magical lily pad pond. Creating this journey was an adventure in itself, and the evident enjoyment of Cleo and Marques made it a rewarding endeavor!

Watch Huge If True on YouTube:

Curious to witness their cutting edge journey? Don’t miss the “Huge If True” segment featuring @CleoAbram & @MKBHD venturing into our 3D world, paired with Scatter’s Depthkit and volumetric capture stage. Discover the wonders of Zerospace in the full episode below!

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[…] Later this year, we reconnected on a second project, creating a digital experience to complement Cleo Abram and MKBHD’s visit to Zerospace and excursions in Scatter’s volumetric capture stage! This was recently featured in Cleo’s YouTube series, Huge If True! Read more here. […]