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MetaCenter Global Week in Orlando

Well the first annual MetaCenter Global Week conference in Orlando, FL was a smashing good time and we had an absolute ball attending! Christi spoke on a panel about human connection with art and tech, we both worked directly with HTC Viverse and MetaCities to build the official VR lounge for the conference, we were also taken out to a very lovely dinner by the HTC team, and we capped the whole thing off with one absolute rager of a block party headlined by Lost Frequencies!

11/10 would attend again!

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Inherited Inferno

“Inherited Inferno” is a compelling 3D virtual art world that unveils a stark narrative while embodying the urgent call of key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being), and SDG 4 (Quality Education). At the center, a blazing Earth rests not in the hands of the mythical Titan, Atlas, but precariously on the frail shoulders of two children, emblematic of the disproportionate burden that has been placed upon the younger generation.

Scattered across the terrain are piles of smartphones, mindlessly scrolling through social media, symbolizing modern-day distractions. A few books lay just out of reach of the children, obscured by the digital devices, which represents an elusive access to quality education in the face of their increasing struggle. In the distance, an adult figure obliviously walks away towards a precipice, engrossed in his social feeds, showing how previous generations have disengaged. To portray these contrasting realities, a burning earth reflects in the children’s eyes, while a social media feed scrolls in the adult’s eyes. Through this provocative scene, the artist urges viewers to reflect on the pressing need for climate action and quality education, invoking a plea for collective responsibility towards a sustainable, educated and engaged future.

This is an immersive 3D experience, created in Blender & Unity, and hosted in Spatial. Launch the experience by clicking the button below:

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We recently helped co-found NCXR — which you can pronounce “Nicer” because we aim to be very nice! NCXR is here to foster the community of people in North Carolina working in XR (Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality in its many forms).

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Cause + Christi explore the expo hall and see friends at AWE 2023

AWE 2023 Pt. 2: What We Saw in the Expo Hall with Friends!

In addition to getting on stage for our panel Meet The Makers and the Auggie Awards (see more in our AWE 2023 Pt. 1 post here ), we also had a great time reconnecting with friends from the XR industry and exploring the expo hall! In the expo hall, we tried out the Lenovo Thinkreality VRX headset, Varjo XR3, HTC Vive XR Elite, Magic Leap 2, the BHaptics suit, and did an interview with Maxwell McGee for the Virtual World Society podcast!

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