BRCvr 2020

BRCvr 2020

We helped bring BRCvr to life!

Each year, Burning Man welcomes thousands of camps to the Nevada desert, where a community of “burners” — like-minded artists, activists, change-makers and action-takers — build a temporary home together while embracing 10 principles.

Camps often consist of members who live scattered across a region or even across the world, and when they come together, they tell each other: “Welcome Home”

When COVID cancelled the 2020 in-person Burning Man event and regional burns, many people lost access to their communities. Sure, some began using Zoom to hold meetings online… But what zoom lacked was spatial presence — the contextualized, shared experience of chatting in a 3 dimensional reality. In 3D, a group of people can huddle together around a campfire to share stories, break off from the group to wander into solitude or carry out side chats (enabled by spatial audio), and adventure together to explore a world and the art within it.

In response to this need to connect, BRCvr was born and found a home in AltspaceVR.  As existing users and creators within AltspaceVR, as well as regional burners ourselves, we were quickly connected with the team to help bring the vision for a virtual burning man to fruition. 

BRCvr won multiple awards!

Merry Mad Tea Party

Christi built the Merry Mad Tea Party world in VR for it’s real-world Burning Man camp.

Read About Merry Mad Tea Party »

Hug Deli

Cause recreated the Hug Deli, a staple installation at the annual Burning Man that invites participates to engage with another through the exchange of compliments and hugs.

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Dinner With A Whale

An animated, undersea skit with sea creatures discussing pollution.

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Camp Burning Saucer

Cause’s night club hovering over the playa:

Read About Camp Burning Saucer »

BRCvr 2021

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Logo: Big Rock Creative

Big Rock Creative produced BRCvr.

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