Cyber Falcon Stage

Cyber Falcon Stage

Soaring above the color-shifting laser-lined landscape of the metaverse, this semi-sentient automaton glides ever toward the famed Simulation City. A clever stage and seating area adorn it’s back, comfortably housing an audience to bear witness to the weekly worldcast taking place there known as Simulation Nation.

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Event Code: BPG421

Originally the Simulation Nation podcast was broadcast from Simulation City, a world in AltspaceVR originally built using publicly available kit objects. It certainly served the purpose well over the years but like any good production spanning that length of time, it’s stage and set was way overdue for an overhaul. Johnny Android, host of Simulation Nation, reached out to us to conceptualize and build an exciting new environment for the show going forward.

The inspiration for this new world design came directly from the Simulation Nation video podcast opening sequence, which reminded us of those endlessly looping YouTube cover images on just about any Synthwave mix you can find. That classic continuous pixelated journey along a road or mountains toward a sunset with masked stripes moving through it. Most often it’s some type of automobile (i.e. DeLorean) but occasionally you get a flying machine, and for Johnny that was the key combination.

We also created a private green room for guests to comfortably relax prior to their interview. There are two spacious booth seating areas complete with complementary champagne. Sometimes there are even a couple dancing silver aliens down there. They’re not very helpful, but they are entertaining!

While both of us have now been interviewed by Johnny on the Simulation Nation podcast, Christi was the lucky one to have her show set in our new environment. Below you can catch her entire interview and really get a good sense of the living motion and movement of this world.

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