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Golden Apple VR

When Golden Apple Comics wanted to host a WonderCon event in virtual reality, they hired Big Rock Creative to produce it, who in turn hired us to custom build a 3D digital twin of Golden Apple Comics in LA (along with some added VR magic!)

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Referencing photos provided by Golden Apple Comics and Google, we modeled out the storefront on Melrose Street, faithfully recreated the inside of Golden Apple Comics, and built an added Anaheim Convention Center inspired promenade for events, accessible via a magic portal through the back of the store.

Within the store itself, we ensured each comic book on the shelf was unique, and enabled interactivity with a special set of featured Comics.

In addition to popular comics like DC, Marvel, Heavy Metal and more, Golden Apple Comics publishes its own series featured here: “Adventure Van” and “Blastosaurus”

“For those who have previously visited the location in person, I can promise this is hugely nostalgic! .. I personally appreciated that details like the comics on the shelves were even considered! I found Cold Dead War from Heavy Metal (which makes sense, since George C. Romero is appearing at the Golden Apple VR for WonderCon 2021) and a few issues of the upcoming War of the Bounty Hunters… very nice details that added some additional, timely verisimilitude!”

-Avery Kaplan, comicsbeat

To achieve this level of detail, we created texture atlases containing each of the comic book covers (all available from the Golden Apple store), and the posters from their walls, and then UV mapped each object to these atlases in order to capture the unique atmosphere of Golden Apple Comics

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