BRCvr Dinner with a Whale

BRCvr Dinner with a Whale

Christi helped bring an art installation into BRCvr: an undersea skit with sea creatures discussing ocean pollution.

Christi worked with fellow burner Andrew Gray to bring his eco art concept to life in VR from a technical standpoint. Andrew and friends recorded themselves having a conversation as sea creatures and sent the audio files to Christi. Christi rigged & animated the sea creatures in Blender, created an undersea scene in Unity, and timed & assigned the audio files to each character for a spatial experience. The scene features a whale, an octopus, a narwhal and a dolphin gathered around a dinner table as they invite you to join them. Sand & debris can be seen in the currents circling around you, and trash scattered throughout the scene can be picked up. As the guest, you are asked to lift the lid on the center platter to see what’s on the menu…

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