XR Social Club in AltspaceVR

Project: XR Social Club in AltspaceVR

XR Social Club in AltspaceVR

XR Social Club is a collective of XR enthusiasts who meet weekly in VR. Until recently, they have met exclusively in VR Chat, but in honor of their 2 year anniversary, Christi has helped them bring a home base into AltspaceVR. The group now alternates their meet-ups each week between VR Chat and AltspaceVR.

The primary objective was ensuring compatibility of the unity scene in AltspaceVR and on mobile headsets, including optimizing meshes for performance, updating shaders + rendering pipelines and replacing incompatible script elements for AltspaceVR. At the moment, AltspaceVR does not support post-processing or embedded scripts (for security purposes), thus, all logic-based / scripted elements in an AltspaceVR world are built separately using Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Extension, which runs on Typescript.

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