BRCvr 2021

BRCvr Eco Zone

BRCvr 2021

After a successful first year of BRCvr 2020, we helped Big Rock Creative launch BRCvr 2021!

BRCvr Eco Zone

Christi created the BRCvr Eco Zone, where participants could find like-minded eco-friendly friends and explore eco-friendly camps.

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Donna Summer Sunrise Party

In lieu of another space to merely hang out in, Cause decided this year to deliver something a bit different: a virtual double-sided hallucinatory experience! This experiment only allowed you to have your own localized hilarious experience but afterward stick around and see how other people react to it. You literally trip out in the desert and then watch other people do the same. Double-sided!

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BRCvr: Year One

We helped bring BRCvr 2020 to life!

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Logo: Big Rock Creative

Big Rock Creative produced BRCvr.

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