The Polys WebXR Awards 2021

The Polys WebXR Awards 2021

The “Polys” WebXR Awards, created by Ben Erwin from Powersimple, honors the pioneers of WebXR, showcasing the importance of this growing technology to provide ubiquitous access to immersive content directly through the connected public web. The WebXR Awards aims to celebrate creators and shine light on this up and coming medium for delivering and experiencing fully immersive content.

Ben Erwin asked us to revamp our “steampunk in the sky” inspired events dome for the Polys WebXR Awards Live Broadcast event in AltspaceVR. This entailed texture, reflections & lighting updates, the addition of spotlights (which we animated in Blender), added 3D logos + the event’s iconic trophies, graphics/signage about the awardees, and installation of two mirrored watch-party screens + platforms. We designed the dome and the spokes in a modular way to allow for future alterations of the spokes/tunnels and their platforms.

The event was written and directed by Ben Erwin, produced by Steve Lewis, and hosted by Julie Smithson and Sophia Moshasha. Educators in VR & the BRCvr events crews provided event moderation / support during the AltspaceVR live watch party.

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