Scatter Depthkit


Scatter is the creator of Depthkit software for volumetric video capture and the Emmy award-winning team behind volumetric titles from Zero Days VR, to Blackout, CLOUDS and the Emmy-nominated The Changing Same. We have worked with Scatter Depthkit to stream volumetric video captured in their stage directly into our 3D Unity worlds!

Our first project with Scatter Depthkit was during the groundbreaking 2023 Polys WebXR Awards Show. We traveled to the XR studio Zerospace in Brooklyn NY where the event was hosted. The event utilized Zerospace’s XR Stage as well as Scatter’s Volumetric Capture stage for both an in-person gathering and live broadcast. We worked with the Scatter team to connect their live volumetric stream directly into our Unity scene via Depthkit, which was then piped directly into the live broadcast! To enhance the cinematic quality, we carefully positioned speakers in various interest points around our 3D Polys Red Carpet Theater, gave them portals to walk through that aligned with the edge of the capture stage, and setup Cinemachine virtual cameras to fly through the world and really show off the volumetric reality of Scatter’s stream! Read more and see the 2023 Polys WebXR Awards here.

Later this year, we reconnected on a second project, creating a digital experience to complement Cleo Abram and MKBHD’s visit to Zerospace and excursions in Scatter’s volumetric capture stage! This was recently featured in Cleo’s YouTube series, Huge If True! Read more and see the Huge If True episode here.

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