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To say that Dreamland XR is a total powerhouse in the new thriving social VR industry would still be an understatement. They are the producers of some of the largest and wildest virtual gatherings to date, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon! From worldwide digital lounges and virtual festivals to full on Meta Cities and educational content for the United Nations, they are hard at work creating the metaverse.

The executives at Dreamland XR, working with Millennium Arts and Fresh Wata, had struck a deal with the United Nations to create a monthly series of immersive and educational VR experiences focused on bringing awareness to a number of key elements including the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as well as fostering personal actions toward climate change and sustainability of life on planet Earth. A fairly noble pursuit in our opinion, and something close to our own hearts. With ambitious goals overlapping a tight rigorous schedule they knew that professional worldbuilders would be necessary for the job, and so we were brought on board to help bring the magic to the people!

#ActNowVR: Al Wasl Dome, Dubai

The first event, held in January of 2022 on International Education Day, was a digital twin recreation of the famous Al Wasl Dome in Dubai, site of the UN’s World Expo 2020. It was our task to build a scale replica of the architecture and get it mapped for a 180 dome projection show created by Minds Over Matter, who have incidentally created projection shows for the real dome a well! We also designed a unique and comfortable lobby for guests to spawn into as well as a few other spots in which to get fully immersed.

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#ActNowVR: Uluru Rock, Australia

The second event, held in February of 2022 on Social Justice Day, was a digital twin recreation of the renowned Uluru (formerly known as Ayer’s Rock) in the deep outback of Australia. We worked to recreate the look and feel of the national park itself, with its very notable and distinct views of Uluru itself. Peppered around the park is information around about the flora and fauna as well as Tjukurpa, Lungkata, and the artwork of the Aboriginal people. We included a stage playing tribal music videos, interactive didgeridoos and boomerangs, and incorporated a dazzling “living landscape” sky show about the creation myth tied to the rock, created by Minds Over Matter.