AWE 2021 Day 2: Christi’s live stage AR demo with the Microsoft HoloLens 2

Christi on stage at AWE2021 with the HoloLens2

AWE 2021 Day 2: Christi’s live stage AR demo with the Microsoft HoloLens 2

This past November, we were invited to fly out to California for the Augmented World Expo (AWE). AWE is the biggest conference for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technology! Christi joined the panel “Stereoscopic AR in WebXR” on stage. She demoed some of her original 3D creations accessed live on the HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset alongside her teammates.

The panel included team members Ben Erwin (Polys WebXR Award & Summit Series), Julie Smithson (MetaVRse), and Terry Schussler (Deutche Telekom), each in a headset. Meanwhile, Ali Denali ran tech, live casting each device simultaneously to a large screen. On screen, the audience could see themselves and the holographic experiences being demonstrated.

Christi's Kinetic Sculpture on the Hololens 2

The session culminated in a shared WebXR data visualization experience. As all four panelists simultaneously casted, we also were joined by our remote team member, Alina Kadlubsky (Open AR Cloud) from Germany. The panel was extremely well-received by the audience, hailed as a technological feat and one of the few presentations to ditch the powerpoint and actually use tech live on stage!

“Was told my AR broadcast set up is the “most complex” here at #awe2021. 4 #HoloLens2, 2 ATEM video switchers, 2 laptops, 4 Windows Wireless Display 4K adapters, 2 WiFi 6 APs, and 2 private networks. 2×2 side by side using #OBS. Presenters will be TerryBenJulie and Christi!

– Ali Denali

Sophia Moshasha of the VR/AR Association covered the experience in her podcast, Live from AWE XR 2021. She interviewed Amy Peck (EndeavorVR), Antony Vitillo (Skarred Ghost), Ben Erwin (Polys WebXR Awards & WebXR Summit Series), and Alcides Santana (Persistent Technologies). Listen to Ben’s segment to hear more about our panel!

We enjoyed checking out new tech and meeting so many of our VR friends for the first time in person at AWE 2021!

Since 2021, we’ve gotten back on stage for AWE 2022 and AWE 2023! See more below: