AWE 2022

AWE 2022

For AWE 2022, we got on the main stage for the MetaTr@versal: A Day in the Life play! Additionally, Christi joined a panel to talk about immersive storytelling. We also joined a group of educators to tour the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and the Santa Clara University Imaginarium. Then, we had a big AWE Afterparty with tech demos at our MetaVilla Airbnb.

Main Stage: MetaTr@versal A Day in the Life

The Metaverse connects us virtually. It bridges the physical space between us so we can be together, wherever we are. Our play on the main stage at AWE 2022, MetaTr@versal: A Day in the Life, illustrated our new reality in real-time by embracing immersive technologies. During the play, we demonstrated the power of an embodied internet in service of humanity while highlighting the value of interoperability and open standards. Written by Ben Erwin and Terry xR. Schussler, and introduced by Neil Trevett, the play follows a day in the life of Sophia as she traverses the Metaverse to create meaningful memories with her friends and family, and pioneers hyper-connective pathways to excel in her career from anywhere in the world.

Starting with her morning workout, Sophia was joined by Christi in on stage for a VR game of SynthRiders! Later that day, Sophia’s client was in panic: her project needed to be saved, and they were joined on stage by their VR wiz, Cause. After an eventful day in the metaverse, Sophia enjoyed dinner out at an AR-enabled cafe with Christi and friends joining her on stage for the final scene.

We had so much fun getting on stage with this cast of truly impressive XR Rockstars! In order of appearance: Sophia MoshashaChristi FenisonJacquelyn (Jacki) Morie , Julie SmithsonCause (Austin Caine)Christopher LafayetteEvo HeyningDaniel Dyboski-BryantAlan SmithsonTerry ProtoAthena DemosAmy PeckAntony VitilloKaren AlexanderRolando Masís-ObandoDulce Baerga, and Damon Hernandez.

Special thanks to the behind-the-scenes magicians: Produced by Ginna Lambert. Engineered by Ali Daniali. Stereoscopic capture by Hugh Hou and Keeley Turner. Featured experiences by James Kaplan & team at MeetKai Inc.Arturo Perez at Kluge Interactive for Synthriders, Daniel Platt at vSpatial.

Watch the full MetaTr@versal: A Day in the Life play at AWE below:

Christi’s talk at AWE

Christi shared insights on immersive design principles during her segment in the panel The XR-NFT Experience: A New Digital Art Paradigm, with Eric Prince and Bill Claps from ART[XR].

During her segment, Christi described how to engage audiences and drive change by using these 3D Design keys:

  • Narrative Transport
  • Immersion
  • Agency
  • Gamification

Watch Christi’s talk during AWE below:

Visit to Stanford & Santa Clara Universities

We joined a group of educators to tour Stanford & Santa Clara!

First we headed to the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab alongside Daniel Dyboski-Bryant (Educators in VR), Rob Theriault (Georgian College), Karen Alexander (XR Connected & Metavrse) Joe Millward (Talespin), James (Jamie) Doran, and Antony Vitillo (Scarredghost).

At Stanford, we entered the VR research room, where study participants experience simulations and can be observed by study facilitators on the other side of the glass wall! This room is even equipped with a haptic floor! To demo it, Cause participated in their Earthquake Safety Training simulation. With his headset casting to the big screen, we all watched and encouraged him to find shelter, as the floor rumbled beneath our feet! Thanks to Brian Beams from Stanford’s VHIL for being a great host!

We continued to the Imaginarium VR Lab at Santa Clara University, where Heather Haseley (University of Exeter) joined our crew. Emily Dang explained how the lab empowers students, providing opportunities and connections to real world implementations of XR by companies.

More Fun at AWE

While exploring the expo hall, we randomly walked into a live volumetric capture setup by Soar, so of course we had to make some moves (thanks Athena Demos for the video below!)

We love seeing our XR family at AWE!

2022 was our second AWE!

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