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Ben Erwin founded Powersimple in 1997 to provide forward thinking web engineering solutions. Through his company and connections, he has established both the Polys WebXR Awards and the WebXR Summit Series. Ben continues to organize teams of bright and driven individuals to help shape the future of extended reality content delivered over the Internet.

Ben hired us to create the AltspaceVR watch party world for these event series, and we recently spoke at the WebXR Design Summit.

WebXR Design Summit

We were both guest speakers and world builders for the WebXR Design Summit!

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The Polys WebXR Awards

We hosted the Polys WebXR Awards Live-Broadcast VR World!

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Solar Fight Night

Powersimple was hired by the Solar Fight Club to find a solution for their annual Solar networking event when COVID prevented in-person events. We met Ben when we modeled this project, as he shared style ideas for a virtual “steampunk in the sky” inspired Solar Fight Night venue.

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