Documentary: “48 Hours in the Metaverse”

48 Hours in the Metaverse, a documentary from Briar Prestidge

Documentary: “48 Hours in the Metaverse”

When branding publicist and digital fashion designer Briar Prestidge reached out to us about participating in her documentary, “48 Hours in the Metaverse,” we were honored to take her on a tour of some of our most popular virtual worlds. Little did we know that we would be showing off far more than we originally thought!

The premise of her documentary is fairly straight forward. She would spend 48 hours nonstop inside of her Quest headset interacting with a handful of selected VR creatives while a film crew documented the entire experience, both in real life and in the virtual worlds. This was certainly an interesting concept to us and we knew it would definitely make some heads turn so we were quite excited to participate and help get our name out there a bit more.

Our Tour of Worlds

Originally we had scheduled an hour and a half to spend with Briar and her lovely assistant, Georgia Smithwick, so we had to decide on four or five worlds to showcase. It was a tough call for us to narrow things down as we certainly have a wide body of work to choose from. We ended up touring The Winter Lodge, Golden Apple Comics, The Polys WebXR Awards, Baba Yaga’s Forbidden Forrest, and the infamous Donna Summer’s Sunrise Party. Each of these worlds showcased different use cases, interactivity, and design aesthetics.

Invited To Join Our Friends

The choice to show off these particular worlds over our others came rather easily after a couple of serendipitous conversations. It turned out that a few of our friends were also being featured in this documentary and as it so happens we actually built the worlds for their projects. DJ Celeste and Chris Crescitelli of Dreamland XR took Briar to the UNESCO #ActNowVR worlds of Al Wasl Dome and Uluru and Helen Lundström Erwin showed off her wonderful Foremothers Cafe, where she continues to hold regular events empowering women of the world. It was a lovely bonus that we not only got to show off a few more of our best worlds, but were able to do so “in person” as our friends invited us to participate in these tours as well.

By the end of her 48 hour journey we had met up with Briar and friends in the metaverse on three different occasions with each time being a total blast. Briar is a delightful person to hang out with and we enjoyed every minute of it. Not to brag too much but our time together totaled around 4.5 hours spent showing off our work. That’s nearly 10% of the entire 48 hours which is not too shabby!

The Premiere

All in all we are absolutely honored to have been able to participate in this project and very much look forward to it’s premiere on December 14th, 2022 in Dubai. Can’t make it to Dubai on the 14th? No worries neither can we! Join us in AltspaceVR on the 15th for a virtual screening with all of us attending.

Update: The virtual red carpet premiere was fantastic, and we so enjoyed seeing the documentary with Briar and friends together in VR! New post with pictures coming soon!