The 2021 WebXR Design Summit

Project: The WebXR Design Summit

The 2021 WebXR Design Summit

The WebXR Design Summit introduces applications of spatial computing to interactive storytelling and the user design experience. The world’s WebXR experts, 3D designers, and marketers share design principles and best practices for immersive technologies. In order to reap the benefits of WebXR, professionals need to know how to create content for the medium, and the Design Summit shows the way. 

Spatial design is still new. Attendees at the summit learned about key tools, design considerations for 3D, and spatial thinking, and heard WebXR success stories, common pitfalls to avoid, and design tips.

We modeled the AltspaceVR watchparty world for the live broadcasts of the WebXR Summit series, and were both guest speakers at the October 12 2021 WebXR Design Summit.

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We both spoke on different subjects: Christi was on the first panel titled “Modeling Your Metaverse” where she highlighted the importance of thoughtful design and how it can and will impact users. Cause was on a much later the panel titled “Polygons Are the New Expensive” where he touched on the need for and various examples of optimization for better performance.

“Modeling Your Metaverse”

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“Polygons Are the New Expensive”

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The WebXR Awards is an annual production that celebrates excellence in immersive web-driven VR and AR content along with its creators. The same team also runs the WebXR Summit Series.

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